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Gubot is one of the famous wheel repair equipment factory

Date: Nov 18, 2019

Shanhai Gubot is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on R & D, business cooperation and intelligent manufacturing in the automotive aftermarket. It is also a famous wheel repair equipment factory .The company develops and produces a series of innovative and practical equipment and products with the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection in the spirit of "subverting the current situation and bringing forth new ideas". It also takes four ecological modes of project output, urban operation, franchising and international trade as the cooperation platform to provide brand-new and sustainable development services for the traditional automobile post market, with obvious leading industry trend Potential.

Gubot is one of the famous wheel repair equipment factory

In recent years, with outstanding talents and leading technology, the company is committed to scientific research and development, innovation and practicality

Integration, through the chain construction of Gubai automobile life center, has shaped the high-end brand image. With innovative technology, professional training and scientific management, it provides one-stop support for franchisees and partners at home and abroad, which is highly recognized by the majority of partners and government departments.

The company has a strong R & D team, rich in R & D products and leading equipment technology. At present, it has obtained nearly 100 patents and more than 10 honorary certificates issued by the government. The company keeps up with the trend of the times and policy planning, takes energy conservation and environmental protection as the starting point, develops and produces a series of innovative technology-based products and equipment for the traditional automotive aftermarket, obtains the unanimous praise of customers with subversive technology, innovative marketing mode, professional technical training and scientific management and operation, and has formed the brand benefit of Cooper in the industry.

The wheel repair equipment factory have produce good wheel rim repair cnc lathe machine .It have two styles.one style could repair size 14-24inch,another style could repair 14-28inch .

They are main feathers are as below:

1. Laser scan: the machine use laser detection,don’t need programming.

Gubot is one of the famous wheel repair equipment factory

2. Remote control: We support remote assistance,wireless online.

3. Remember function: This machine has remember function,and the machine can remember the same wheel program.so next time we don’t need to scan again and directly cutting if the wheel is the same.

4. Easy study: It’s very easy to study how to operation. Usually you only need half an day will know how to operate..

5. The machine base is steel,high accuracy rail . And we use the best servo motor.

6. Automatic lubrication system, high speed.

If you are interesting in the car wheel repair equipment,please contact clover:+86 15502118859