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car wash steam cleaner, excellent after-sale service

Date: Nov 28, 2019

Are you planning to open a car wash company? providing car wash service ? or you already have a car wash steam cleaner, but it single function , then you want to replace it with a new one? Ok, it is better for you to understand our equipments. All products and equipment of the company are owned by its wholly-owned subsidiary: Anhui Gubot Tianji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. GUBOT provides the steam car cleaner with competitive price for the relevant customers. At the same time, every holiday or other date, the car wash steam cleaner price we will be set cheaper and many gifts will be given.
car wash steam cleaner, excellent after-sale service
Other car wash machines may have problems:
1.single function
2.no authorizing
3.high fault rate
4.abuse of water
GUBOT steam car cleaner features:
1.own the patent
2.lots of places to clean
3.have a sense of design
4.can clean the car seats
As a manufacturer of car wash steam cleaner with many years of production and manufacturing experience, luxury nano steam car wash machine A300 and steam car wash equipment B200 are two main car washing equipment of GUBOT, the company specially provides steam car cleaner with preferential price for car wash company, auto training center, car care center and other shops or companies. The car steam cleaning machine of GUBOT is recognized by customers in many countries around the world. For specific areas, such as Burma, Egypt, Kenya, Peru, Sierra Leone, etc., the customer columns on our official website are closely cooperated with us. Customers in South Africa, Australia, Germany or other area have very good comments on us.
car wash steam cleaner, excellent after-sale service
The following is an introduction to individual parameters of our car steam cleaning machine. Different parameters of car wash steam cleaner are different. For detailed parameters, you can view the relevant product details page or consult us.
Items Unit Specifications
Power W 380
Charger V/AC 220
Voltage V 24
Energy Source - LPG
Max Evaporation Kg/h 30
Max Temperature 200
Max pressure Bar 9
As for the price of our equipment, because we often do activities, the discount intensity of different activities is also different. If you want to know the current price of our steam car cleaner, or other content such as car steam cleaning machine parameters, transportation, you can use a convenient way to communicate with you Contact information, such as Telphone to consult us.
The above is the introduction of GUBOT car wash steam cleaner. We hope you like our equipment.