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Gubot Car detailing

Date: Mar 12, 2020

  Avoid washing the car under the scorching sun. This leaves traces of dry water on the body.

Gubot Car detailing

  Second, avoid washing in very cold weather. Once the water freezes, it will cause the paint film to rupture.

  San bogey should be washed with water other than soft water, including hot water, alkaline water and water with higher hardness. Because these substances can damage the paint. Wash with hard water and leave marks and film on the body surface after drying.

  Four bogey wash the body with high pressure water. Excessive water pressure can damage the body paint surface. In case of hard dust on the body, first infiltrate with water and then rinse with water. Disperse water flow is used to spray

  Five bogey add detergent. Washing powder, decontamination powder and inferior soap are not allowed for cleaning. Because these detergents contain alkali, it may wash off the grease in the paint and accelerate the aging of the paint. Generally, no detergent is added during car wash.

  Six taboo rubs. After rinsing with water, many people like to wipe it; there are two main problems with wiping: the cloth used is unqualified and the wiping method is not right. To wipe, wipe with a soft cloth or a soft, clean sponge. When wiping, follow the direction of water flow, gently wipe from top to bottom, do not circle or wipe horizontally.

  Seven taboos use detergent. There may be corrosive stains on the body, such as asphalt, oil stains, birds, insect dung, etc. These stains are difficult to clean and must be done in a right way. When cleaning the body oil stains, use a sponge to gently rub a little kerosene or gasoline, then apply a polishing paste on the rubbed area to make it shine. If there are animal and plant juices such as dead insects on the body, first soak them in soapy water; then wash them with a sponge. There are oil stains on the steering wheel, lamps, moldings and rubber parts. It can only be cleaned with ordinary soapy water. It cannot be cleaned with gasoline, detergent and thinner.

  Eight taboos use a hard cleaning tool to remove dirt. Such as plastic (9010, -5.00, -0.06%) brush, blade to scrape the stain, which can easily damage the paint surface.

  Nine bogey touch the body surface with dirty hands stained with oil, or put oily tools or wipes containing organic solvents on the body, which will easily leave marks on the paint surface or fade the paint surface prematurely.