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steam cleaning machine

Date: May 14, 2019

  The steam cleaning machine ,which was an innovation before . Cleaning the car with with steam saving water , which is more friendly to the environment we live.
  But now , with the development of the car market , the shinning surface paints of the car is more important for car owner. But the steam cleaning machine facing a big problem now , the temperature of the steam is two high to the paint and the engine . so, now we need the a new innovation on steam cleaning method.
steam cleaning machine
  Our R&D team spend one year to study the subject , finally obtain the breakthrough on the steam cleaning machine . nano steam cleaning machine turning the water into nano particle to clean every corner of the car , including the interior ,exterior , the engine ,the A/C and so on .
  What we do is not just a machine , we wanna serve the world better with our effort .
  Excellent product serve the people better .
  This new nano steam cleaning machine applied the patent in China , so the machine is unique on the market .
steam cleaning machine
  We also do the R&D work with supporting from the Shanghai government .
  New generation nano steam cleaning machine , totally conquer the world market with it’s special functions .
  Shanghai gubot automobile technology co. Ltd , which is the leader on the automobile aftermarket . the fate will be keeping surpass itself and serve the world better .
  The time will tell us the truth