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Introduction to the development of wheel diamond cut machine

Date: May 17, 2019

  Gubot whee diamond cut machine R&D and Production Base is located in Minhang District, Shanghai. It was formerly the representative office of Singapore Advanced Industrial Automation Co., Ltd., covering an area of 1,120 square meters. The company has many professional experience in the field of precision motion control. More than 50 technical research and development personnel, after three years of market observation and research, combined with the advantages and disadvantages of all whee diamond cut machine on the market, created a powerful, cost-effective hub wire drawing machine.
Introduction to the development of wheel diamond cut machine
  whee diamond cut machine features
  1. Gubot's latest development of the wheel professional automatic wheel repair machine, all the wheels can be perfectly cutted without programming.
  2. Data intelligent storage, reusable processing
  3. The lathe speed is high, the working state can reach more than 3000 rpm, and the speed can be adjusted
  4. Fool-like operation, one-button start, for different hubs, only one key operation can be used to obtain hub processing data
  Operating range:
  1. It can realize point pulling, local damage does not need to draw the whole surface, saving time and effort
  2. Can change the ordinary spraying wheel into a brushed metal effect
  3. Brushed wheel damage can be directly repaired, energy saving and environmental protection
  4. It can be repaired, or it can be personalized.
  Hub wire drawing machine comparison
  1. Semi-automatic operation, the chassis is light, the machine tool is easy to vibrate when working, the program is complicated, it is difficult to achieve perfect results.
  2. Low speed, small diameter of rotation, the largest can only pull 22-inch wheels, can not meet the market demand
  3. The data is not accurate, the data cannot be saved, and the operation time is long.
  4. Cannot remotely control
  Gubot Valley:
  1. Fully automatic one-button operation, simple and convenient, can be employed in one day without any power
  2. The speed can reach more than 2500 rpm, the precision is super high, the turning diameter is large, and the maximum processing size can reach 28 inches.
  3. Intelligently save data, repeat data one-click start, no need to repeat
  4. Remote control, always master the operation process