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Type of wheel diamond cut machine

Date: May 17, 2019

  wheel diamond cut machine can be divided into many types, including manual programming wheel diamond cut machine, semi-automatic wheel diamond cut machine, and automatic wheel diamond cut machine. From the application field, wheel diamond cut machine is divided into industrial wheel diamond cut machine, commercial wheel diamond cut machine and life type wheel diamond cut machine.
Type of wheel diamond cut machine
  Industrial wheel diamond cut machine are not introduced much, since the purchase price and land occupation of the industry is already another level. The wire drawing machine in life is very common, and the small equipment used in key stores, jewelry stores, etc. is also in the category of wire drawing machines. Suitable for small parts and small parts in life.
  There is a wheel diamond cut machine in the business, and its working component determines its field of use, that is, the automotive field. Calling this wire drawing machine a hub wire drawing machine does not mean that he can only be applied to the wheell hub. For example, the manufacture of some brake pads and the brushed highlights on the surface of the hub can be done. There are two main types of such wire drawing machines in China.

Type of wheel diamond cut machine
  A type of automatic scanning, automatic programming, double scanning scanning, this wire drawing machine is the most advanced wire drawing machine on the market. The specific operation is very simple, because it uses fully automatic programming, and there are only a few installations and tools that really need to be done by yourself. Still very convenient. It’s good to feel that high technology is here...
  Another relatively common one is semi-automatic. This kind of wire drawing machine can't be programmed by itself, and there are not many detection methods. Most of them are manual tool setting and self-collecting data for wire drawing operation. This kind of operation requires a high degree of numerical control, and non-professionals can't play at all.