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Why we need wheel straightening machine

Date: May 17, 2019

  When the car is driving, it will encounter various bumps, which will cause damage and deformation of the surface of the wheel, such as scratches, scratches, and defects. After the wheel is refurbished, it will be restored to the dynamic perfection after the new product is refurbished. It is necessary to know the common conditions of wheel damage and repair methods.
  Wheel straightening machine repair failure consequences
  The structure of the hub is mainly composed of metal, and most of them are made of aluminum alloy. The material of the aluminum alloy is likely to change the internal structure of the metal due to improper plastic repair. The lighter will once again produce slight deformation, but the serious damage of the internal structure may cause the hub to break, which seriously affects the driving safety of the owner.
Why we need wheel straightening machine
  The reason why the wheel deformation repair is said by some people is not reliable. It is because the repairing method of the wheel is not proper, which causes the metal stress inside the metal structure to change greatly, so that the stability of the hub structure is reduced, so the wheel is only Secondary damage will occur.
  When the hub is cast, the internal metal stress tends to stabilize the structure and is hard to be damaged by external forces. However, the general deformation repair causes the internal structure of the metal to change by tapping and pressing, resulting in a very unstable interior, a strong point, and a weak point, so that secondary damage occurs at high speed.
  But now the technology of wheel straightening machine repair has developed very well.
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