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the price of the wheel cutting machine

Date: May 17, 2019

Diamond cut alloy repairs needs to use the Diamond cut alloy repairs equipment, then the price of the wheel refurbishment equipment?
In the environment where the automobile aftermarket competition is so fierce, the equipment used in the Diamond cut alloy repairs project is naturally preferred because of the cost performance.
Micro-repaired Diamond cut alloy repairs machine modified upgrade by Shanghai Gubot Automobile Technology Co. Ltd . Invest a lot on the R&D project, finally get the cutting edge technology to be the leader on the market .
Compared with the manual wire drawing machine, Diamond cut alloy repairs adopts fully automatic infrared no dead angle scanning, no manual programming measurement, fast operation speed, high precision, greatly reducing the error rate, and the operation is simple and easy to learn and understand!
Manually programmed automatic scanning probes can be upgraded. iamond cut alloy repairs can Upgraded into newest intelligent laser scanning wheel drawing system. Just replace your original system.
The price of the Diamond cut alloy repairs machine should be graded. Diamond cut alloy repairs machine is of course different from the semi-automatic one. An excellent Diamond cut alloy repairs is a service all-inclusive. From production to after-sales, Gubot is such a company, operating Simple, no programming, strong stability, and reliable quality.