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Luxurious wheel repair machine

Date: May 17, 2019

Shanghai Gubot is a famous brand in China .we are professional produce the wheel repair machine .Have cooperation with more than 1500 clients all over the world.
Luxurious wheel repair machine

First :Please open the link to view the machine video:

Second: technical parameters
Items Unit Specifications Remark
Max swing over bed mm 660  
Max size of alloy wheel inch 28  
Range of spindle speed rpm 50-2000  
Cutting feed speed mm/min 0.1-1800  
Xmoving speed of X axis and Z axis mm/min 12000  
X-axis moving distance mm 660  
Z axis movement speed mm/min 12000  
Z axis moving distance mm 800  
Tool holder form - Row of knives  
Tool bar size mm 25*25  
Spindle length mm 360  
X-axis, Z-axis motor type - servo motor  
Moving track - Taiwan imported rail  
main motor power KW 3  
Feed motor N/m X:4  Z:4  
Machine positioning accuracy mm 0.01  
Machine tool positioning repeatability mm 0.01  
Machine weight KG 1700   
Machine size mm 2150*1280*1810  
Third, the machine tool optional configuration:
1. German imported guide rails, Taiwan imported rails, imported screw rods, rails;
2. Imported servo motor and Panasonic sensor;
3. Electro-hydraulic tool holder;
4. Hydraulic power chuck;
Fourth, the machine tool standard configuration:
1. Gubert has independently developed the “Gubotlathe” control system;
2. Panasonic infrared displacement sensor;
3, X, Z axis linear guide;
4. Automatic lubrication system;
5, the cover completely protects the cover;
6, rail protection system;
7, precision machining parts;
8. Import handwheels;
9, LCD touch screen;
10, precision spindle unit
11, circuit protection system
12, remote assistance hardware and software, wireless mouse;
13, rack, row of knives, corresponding tool sets;
14, signal analog conversion module, precision motor