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Steam washing machine equipment quality

Date: May 21, 2019

The quality of the steam car washing machine equipment is one of the factors that the customer cares about. It is related to whether the customer's steam car washing work can run smoothly, and at the same time, the investment with the customer can not quickly see the benefits and the inseparable relationship. Steam car washing equipment is not easy to be damaged. It is necessary to analyze from different aspects and buy steam car washing equipment that is not easy to be broken, so that it can be used with confidence.
Steam washing machine equipment is not easy to break, depending on its materials, because the equipment often comes into contact with water, and produces high temperature and high pressure steam, so the selected materials must have corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, in order to ensure that steam washing equipment can be effective for a long time. Run.
Steam washing machine equipment quality
Under normal circumstances, the steam washing equipment using stainless steel material is both light and can meet the above performance. This steam washing equipment is the least susceptible to damage.
Secondly, it depends on the principle design. The steam car washing equipment has boiler type and instant type. The boiler type relies on heating the boiler to store steam to generate pressure. After reaching a certain pressure, it is released for cleaning the vehicle. The instant steam washing machine adopts a new heating method. Without a boiler, the heat generated by the gas combustion is effectively utilized, so that steam can be opened at any time, and there is no pressure accumulating device, thereby reducing the probability of damage.
Steam washing machine equipment is not easy to break, or depends on materials, design principles, parts quality and assembly process. Steam washing machine equipment that meets a series of quality standards is not only easy to break, but also has a long service life. One of the must-have equipment for steam car wash shops.