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Car wash store competitor analysis

Date: Jul 24, 2019

The German Minister of Culture once said that the competition of enterprises is qualitatively competitive. On the deeper level, it is the competition of management. The deeper level is the competition of the mechanism, but ultimately it is the competition of culture. Mercedes also sells car culture while buying a car. It is this cultural charm of the times that attracts consumers and consumers will inevitably be affected by such ideas, which will inevitably affect their consumption behavior. People who are influenced by traditional concepts are more frugal, pay attention to the effect of nursing, and consume more rationally. Consumers who are obsessed with the teaching of modern automobile culture pay attention to things other than entities. They think that cars are the symbol of the times. They have special feelings for cars. Cars are the symbol of modern life. Cars can express individuality and show their status and identity. Through car beauty, you can express their feelings for the car.

Car wash store competitor analysis

Analysis of competitors

Auto beauty j franchise stores should always know and collect competitor information, and analyze it to avoid its edge and attack it. The content of understanding and analysis includes:

First, the number of competitors: how many car beauty shops and how many competitive brands there are in the jurisdiction;

Second, the quality of service of competitors: Whether the craft level of other stores has unique features, where are the advantages, and where are the disadvantages;

Third, the level of competitors' technology: how the service level of other stores is enthusiasm, thoughtful, and reasonable;

Car wash store competitor analysis

Fourth, competitors' advertising operations: whether there are often promotional activities, whether there is advertising, how effective and marketing strategies

Fifth, market share: market share, visibility, and credibility are all aspects that should be examined.

Through the above analysis, we can know that the consumer is pursuing the visual effect after beauty, and the psychological satisfaction resulting from it, or the pursuit of beauty care function. After doing the initial analysis above, you can segment the market and which part is the potential source you can win. Identify market segments with strategic value as target markets. The target market is the object of our marketing considerations.