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How much does it cost to drive a car wash?

Date: Aug 02, 2019

If you open a car wash shop, rent is a big part of operating costs, so you have to control your rent. In general, the rent cannot exceed 25% of the expected monthly average turnover. Otherwise, it is difficult to survive during the growth period!

How much does it cost to drive a car wash?

Purchase equipment and necessary supplies. This investment can be more or less, or adjusted according to market positioning. Each category of materials has high, medium and low brands. According to the target population, it is ok to determine what brand of materials to use or consume. Don't be greedy and ask for more, just enough.

Develop a marketing strategy. Generally speaking, at the beginning of the opening ceremony, some promotion and promotion are required. Most beauty shops choose to wash cars for free. In fact, such an approach can accumulate popularity, but it cannot accumulate customers. In fact, the free waxing card is far better than the free car wash card. There are several reasons for this:

The first car wash can only attract customers who are close to each other. Generally, driving for more than 10 minutes, the car owner will choose to wash the car nearby, and will not be far away. And waxing is not the same, after all, it belongs to the beauty project, the owner prefers to run farther, but also to take advantage of this.

The second car wash is highly homogenized and it is difficult to distinguish it from other competitors by washing the car once. Waxing, but it can produce amazing results, so that new customers can experience the effect of car wash.

How much does it cost to drive a car wash?

The number of third waxing is increased, there are many beauty items at the storefront, and each car is clean and beautiful, which is easy to attract the attention of new customers, and is also the embodiment of technical strength.

Internal culture mechanism. Technical strength is the core competitiveness of a car beauty shop. Therefore, a good master must have a few apprentices. Let the apprentices operate independently as soon as possible, and the masters of Party B will be lost and no one will follow. You can use the rainy days, or the business before the opening of the business, to invite special customers to do large projects such as sealing glaze or coating with the method of only charging the manual fee. In this way, you can increase the flow of water in the store, train employees, and show the new customers the technical strength of the store, which creates a sense of trust. Similar activities can be operated during the off-season in the trial operation and early opening.