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What are the water tank cleaning methods in the car wash sho

Date: Aug 13, 2019

  Regular cleaning of the crankcase at the car wash shop

  During the operation of the engine, the high-pressure unburned exhaust gas in the combustion chamber enters the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, and is mixed with the metal powder generated by the wear of the parts to form sludge. When the amount is small, it is suspended in the oil. When the amount is large, the filter and the oil hole are clogged out from the oil, which makes the lubrication of the automobile engine difficult and causes wear. In addition, when the oil is oxidized at a high temperature, a paint film and carbon deposits are formed on the piston of the automobile, so that the engine fuel consumption is increased and the power is lowered. In severe cases, the piston ring is stuck and the cylinder is pulled. Therefore, the crankcase is cleaned regularly (lubricating system efficient and fast cleaning agent) to keep the interior of the car engine clean all year round.

What are the water tank cleaning methods in the car wash sho

  Regular cleaning of the fuel system

  When fuel is supplied to the combustion chamber through the oil passage, gelatinous and carbon deposits are inevitably formed, which are deposited in the oil passage, carburetor, fuel injector and combustion chamber, which interfere with fuel flow and damage the automobile. The normal air-fuel ratio makes the fuel atomization poor, causing performance problems such as engine wobble, explosion, idle speed, and poor acceleration. Use the BG208 (Fuel System Highly Efficient Cleaner) to clean the fuel system and regularly control the generation of carbon deposits in the cabin to keep the engine in top condition.

What are the water tank cleaning methods in the car wash sho

  Regular maintenance of the water tank

  Rusty and fouling of the engine water tank are the most common problems. Rust and scale limit the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reducing heat dissipation and overheating the engine, and can even cause damage to the engine. Oxidation of the coolant also forms some acidic substances that corrode metal parts in the car's water tank, causing damage and leakage of the water tank. Regular use (water tank strong and efficient cleaning agent) to clean the water tank, remove the rust and scale in the car cabin, not only to ensure the normal operation of the engine, but also to extend the overall life of the car tank and engine.